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Commissioning a portrait of a dog or other animal isn’t difficult.  Let me know what you would like, and we will come to an agreement on a price that suits your budget.  I take into account the size and complexity of the commission in determining the price, but for comparison, here are two current commission prices:

Approximately 8 x 8 inch panel, simple face or head, $400

Approximately 12 x 15 inch panel, full body with background, $1200

simple headDog_on_Yellow.html
full bodygolden_bed.html

I ask for half of the fee before beginning the painting, and upon completion, you have one free set of reasonable adjustments to the image if you desire changes.  After that, you have some options: you can pay the balance and the shipping charge (usually not more than $50 within the U.S.) and receive the painting by UPS.  If you are not satisfied with the painting after final adjustments, we can negotiate further changes, or you are free to decline the painting.  My job, of course, is to make something that you’ll love.

I prefer to take photos of your animal that I use for the painting, but I can help you take the kind of photographs I need, which you can email to me, or send on a disk.
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